Easy Ways to Housetrain Your New Puppy

One of the many challenges facing new puppy owners is the toilet training! This can take a matter of weeks, or even months to get right. Here are some tricks and ideas to help you to get your puppy doing the business outside every time.

It is very important to get into a routine early on in your puppy’s life with you.  As a rule of thumb, puppies will need to pee straight after waking up, after eating and often after playing! As puppies have poor bladder control to begin with, it is a good idea to take your pooch out every hour to the same spot in the garden to do it’s thing.

Keeping a simple diary of the time when your dog eats, wees and poops can make it easier to understand your puppy’s schedule.  Using cue words such as “wee wees” while the puppy is actually urinating can help prompt your pup later on.  Be sure to reward any successful actions in the designated area – luckily, puppies are creatures of habit, so it is usually very easy to teach them that the garden is the right spot to do their toileting.