Exciting Activities to Try With Your Canine Friend…

For many owners, keeping an energetic dog happy can be tricky as they seem to have so much energy all the time! If this energy goes unspent, this can quickly start to show itself as bad behaviour in dogs, through chewing, barking and lunging at people and things.  There are a lot of different activities which you can try with your pet to help keep them active, burning off excess energy and having fun in the process!


Flyball is a team sport where a team of 4 dogs are required to jump over a set of jumps, trigger a spring loaded box which holds a tennis ball, then return back over the jumps with the ball. This is a relay race, so the first team to get all their dogs back is the winner!  Addictive and suitable for all dog breeds and sizes, flyball is a fun way to stay active and meet lots of lovely new people!


Agility is a high speed and high energy activity for both dog and human alike. The dog is run around a series of obstacles, such as jumps, ramps and tunnels. The fastest to complete the course is the winner!


A hybrid of canine and cross country, canicross is a great way to get fit fast. Running with your dog using special harnesses and belts allows the dog to pull out in front, helping the human to run too. There are races and competitions which you can take part in, or you can simply do canicross on your own.